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Catwoman and the Immobile Asylum Part 2
Selena looks at her friends wondering what to ask first. How where they? Why didn't they escape yet? Who runs the place? Is Bruce Wayne involved? But before she could even say anything, another waiter came up with a plate full of huge drinks.
"Drinks Ladies?"
"Got any coffee?" Harley asked "What kind?" "I'll just take it black Waiter-Man"
"Milk." Ivy said "Wha-"but before the Waiter was even able to finish Ivy replied with. "Chocolate."
"Alright, and you Miss?" the waiter was looking at Selena, waiting for an answer. "Uh... Orange Juice." She responded "Of course."
As the waiter was setting the drinks down Selena noticed that Ivy was giving her a bit of a deadly stare. Sure she admitted it probably wasn't the best idea in the world to be drinking orange juice around Poison Ivy. The woman who took her job as a Eco-terrorist beyond way to serious, but she wasn't thinking about making her friend mad at the moment.
"Soooo" Harley said trying to break the awkward silence "The Bats got
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Catwoman and the Immobile Asylum Part 1
Time: 7:59 AM
Place: Gotham City Police Department, High Security Cell
"Alright Kyle wake up."
Selena opened her eyes, she was in a bed that was in a Gotham City Police Departments (GCPD) jail cell, she got up and let her eyes adjust to the light. Once they finished she looked in front of her and saw Arkham Asylum Guard Aaron Cash. He was one of the best guards at Arkham, and yet after his last transfer with Waylon Jones aka Killer Croc he lost his hand. Yet some even said he was going to become head of security soon even WITH his missing hand. But then again, the "people" who said that were inmates at the asylum.
"Alright Captain Hook I'm awake. Time for breakfast?"
"Yeah and on the menu we have a choice of "Get ready" or "We don't serve breakfast". Which do you prefer?"
Cash is always a jokester, ready for anything you throw at him. Especially now if you decide to throw Killer Croc at his hand.
"I'll have the first one, and go easy on the amount of bacon please? Need to watch my
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Catwoman and the Immobile Asylum - Prologe
Time: 11:31 PM
Place: Gotham City
On the rooftops of Gotham City there were two people doing a dance,  a dance of cat and mouse, or should I say of bat and cat.
Selena Kyle aka: Catwoman was running away from the Dark Knight Detective, Batman, as usual. Although unlike most times when the Batman chased her, it was for something like a diamond she stole from a musem, or for information on some other lunatic of Gotham, such as the Penguin or Joker.
But whatever the reason Catwoman did't care, aside by the small amount of excitement due to the chase that was filling her, that and she was being chased down by a man of mystery that wanted her in Arkham Asylum. Or, for the time being, Blackgate, due to a resent attack by Darkseid on Earth, which made the whole planet, resulting in the whole asylum crashing down upon itself.
Somehow despite the cats best efforts, she was caught, well less "caught" and more "ran straight into his chest and falling onto the ground on her butt",
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 So as I stated in the description for "Catwoman and the Immobile Asylum" #2 I will mention something... so yeah. 

Basically: I'm doing this as a hobby. I don't plan on doing this full time (at least not now maybe in a couple of years) So I hope you don't expect me to do this every month. Depending on how much time I've to kill I MAY write some more stuff... so yeah.

Hope you enjoy and... yeah...


United States
Warning: Im a bit of an oddball and for reasons unknown to myself I like "bigger" women so... yeah...


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